About me

Hi πŸ‘‹, its Imran. I am fascinated to have you here.

I love to develop things. I am helping people and companies to achieve their goal by designing and developing the finest product.

I love to to play with PHP and JavaScript. I started coding at my college and from then I am helping school students to learn programming. Sharing my knowledge with simple words always motivates me.

Professionally, I started my career at 2016. I feel blessed because I paired up with some of the best developers of my country. I am learning a lot of things from them.

I am proud to run projects like GoGreen, where we are trying to make the planet green again and BdMakers, where we are connecting small entrepreneurs to the customers. I have some cool prototypes under development.

Let’s build a relationship with you. Knock me @ Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

βš’οΈ Skills:

PHP, JavaScript, MySQL
Laravel (PHP), Node.js (JavaScript), React.js (JavaScript), MongoDB, WordPress, Flutter

πŸ’ͺ Experiences:

Rapid Web Services | Full Stack Software Engineer | 2018 to Present

✏️ Projects:

  • SeeBiz | Social Network For Businesses
    Working with NodeJS and MongoDB to build API in backend and AngularJS in frontend.
  • SeeBiz inventory | Inventory Management System
    Worked with PHP, Laravel and MySQL to build API in backend and ReactJS in frontend.

Codalo | Software Engineer | 2016 to 2018

✏️ Projects:

  • Idyiaso | School Management System
    Worked with PHP, YII Framework, MySQL and C#.
  • Excelsior Express | Parcel Tracking System
    Worked with PHP, Laravel, MySQL and Android.
  • Tasbir International | Multilevel Marketing
    Worked with Laravel, MySQL and jQuery.

β›³ Personal Projects:

  • PHP MVC | Simple lightweight PHP Framework
    Built with PHP.
  • EHMR | Electronic Health and Medical Record System
    Built with Laravel, MySQL and jQuery.
  • Chat App | Disposable Group Chat
    Built with NodeJS and ReactJS.
  • Reactive GitHub | GitHub Wrapper
    Built with ReactJS.

πŸ““ Certifications:

Information Technology Passport Examination (ITEE - IP) | BCC governed by IPA, Japan
JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures | freeCodeCamp πŸ”—
Responsive Web Design | freeCodeCamp πŸ”—
M001: MongoDB Basics | MongoDB πŸ”—
M121: the MongoDB Aggression Framework | MongoDB πŸ”—

πŸ“— Recommendations:

β€œImran Pollob is excellent to work with, and has excellent expertise in software development. He has deep technical background in software development and as a result he is my first go to person whenever I get stuck in a development problem. He is energetic, motivated and hard working. He is a great asset to our team and he will be a great asset to any team.” by Zunaid Aslam

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