• Aug 2021 - Now
    Wayne State University
    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    As a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Wayne State University, I have had the privilege of instructing and mentoring students in various courses and labs, including:

    • Software Engineering: Mentored several groups in creating projects using Agile project management methodologies. Guided students through the stages of planning, development, testing, and deployment, ensuring they applied Agile principles effectively.
    • Java Programming: Developed and delivered all course materials, including a final project, to build foundational and advanced Java programming skills.
    • Problem Solving and Programming (C++): Created and implemented all C++ course materials, focusing on enhancing students’ problem-solving and programming skills.
    • Bioinformatics Programming Lab with R: Facilitated hands-on labs in R, helping students understand and apply bioinformatics tools and techniques.
    • Computer Architecture and Organization: Guided the lab section.
  • Sep 2019 - Jul 2021
    Software Engineer

    As a team member, I worked on an internal scraping framework that collects data from various sources and applies multiple data processing methods to the collected data.

    Key Responsibilities:

    1. Collaborated with data analysts to programmatically collect data from numerous sources and process it using Python.
    2. Developed and maintained an e-commerce site built with WordPress.
    3. Consulted directly with clients to understand their requirements and recommend technological solutions.
    4. Maintained cloud servers and integrated various cloud services.
    5. Worked on Cefalo’s internal recruitment application built with Laravel and Vue.js.
  • May 2018 - Sep 2019
    Rapid Web Services
    Full Stack Software Engineer

    Our team developed and maintained the SeeBiz inventory management system, adhering to Agile methodologies for disciplined task execution. I primarily worked with PHP (Laravel), JavaScript (Node, React), and various CI/CD tools to automate the application deployment process.

    Key Responsibilities:

    1. Developed and maintained scalable web applications.
    2. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to define, design, and implement new features.
    3. Developed RESTful APIs and integrated them into the existing system.
    4. Fixed bugs and improved application performance.
    5. Continuously discovered, evaluated, and implemented new technologies to maximize development efficiency.
  • Nov 2016 - Apr 2018
    Software Engineer

    Worked on several prototypes, including a school management system and a parcel delivery system. Our school management system is now successfully running in numerous schools across Bangladesh.

    Key Responsibilities:

    1. Brainstormed product workflows and planned work procedures.
    2. Regularly tested the product and gathered feedback from clients.
    3. Provided bug fixes and product support.
    4. Revised product workflows based on client feedback and refactored code.
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